Skribbl io

What is is very different from most games in its category. It’s a fun mix of drawing, puzzle solving and communication with players from around the world. The idea is simple: several players connect to a lobby and one of them is given a word that they need to draw without saying what it is. Others try to guess the word as quickly as they can – the first correct answers get better scores!

In order to ensure everyone has fun some online-regulating features were implemented: a player can be vote-kicked if they are breaking the rules (drawing out actual words instead of images), the chat will filter out obvious curse words and a time cap prevents matches from dragging on.


As soon as you enter your nickname and press the Play button, you will be transported into a lobby with several other players. You will see a blank drawing board and a chat window to its right. Soon the first lines will start appearing on the board – this is a good time to begin taking guesses on what the player is trying to draw. If the answer submitted is not correct, it will be shown as a regular chat message. If it is, the game will display a confirmation and you will be able to sit back for a bit until the round ends.

skribbl io

How to play

So, how does one maximize their points and submit the right answer before everyone else? Experience and luck definitely play a part: once you get accustomed to the game’s mechanics it will take you a lot less time to figure out the words. There is also a hint at the top: the number of characters in the current word is shown to everyone as the corresponding amount of blanks. Sometimes if players are having trouble, the game will show some of the symbols to help speed things up.

Once it’s your turn to draw, don’t panic: the interface is intuitive to anyone who has ever used a basic paint program: there are several colors to chose from, as well as a bunch of instruments like pencil, paint bucket and eraser. No need to create a piece of art – simply choose one of the three options the game provided and start outlining it so that the others could guess what it is.

Give it a try and you are guaranteed to have some fun without feeling like you’re wasting time! Word List

Seven letters:

Eight letters:

Nine letters:

Ten letters:

Eleven letters:

Twelve letters:

Thirteen letters: